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Simple Encryption Assignment Help

Simple Encryption Assignment Help Introduction Some of them might be putting their service at danger when they are using a web application that is weakly developed for securing its user’s information or private information. It does not matter how simple or complex, smart or huge the application is, when it includes keeping the user’s information,…

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Js Array To PHP Assignment Help

Js Array To PHP  Assignment Help Introduction Passing JavaScript Array to PHP through JQuery $. Often you may need to process an array of information through PHP. We have the Array in JavaScript. This consists of two ways: – JSON String – Direct array Direct Array: This one is most basic technique to pass the…

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Write Your First Program

You’ve got PHP installed locally and you’ve got a text editor. Now all you need is an actual program. Start your text editor and type the following code, exactly as shown here: <?php echo “Hello there. So I hear you’re learning to be a PHP pl”ogrammer!\n”; echo “Why don’t you type in your name for me:\n”; $name…

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PHP What Why and Where?

PHP is ultimately just text that is taken by your web server and turned into a slit of commands and information for your web browser. And because you’re just working in text, there’s not a lot you have to do to get going as a PHP programmer. You need to become familiar with PHP itself, and the best…

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