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SQL Is a Language for Talking to Databases

So far you’ve been using a program called MySQL, and you’ve been talking to that program using SQL, the Structured Coer)’ iJ!n9uaQ2. And you’ve already written a couple of SQL queries Both of those commands are SQL Queries, or expressed more accurately, SQL. The Structured in SQL comes from the idea that you’re accessing a relational database, something with…

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Installing MySQL

Before you can tackle the new language of databases, you’ve got to get a database installed on your computer. In this book, you’ll be working with the MySQL database, which is one of the most common databases used in web applications. The reason for this is because it’s easy to get, easy to install, and easy to use.…

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MySQL and SQL Database and Language

Where is this supposed to go? It’s a question you ask every day. Where do these shoes go? Where does this new box of books go? Where do these receipts go? Because that’s such a common question, it shouldn’t surprise you too much that when you’re building web applications, you need to ask the same thing: Where does…

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