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Talking Back to Your Users

The addition of an alert confirmation box goes a long way on the front end of deletion It lets a user think twice about removing data and provides a mechanism to cancel the operation if she’s dissatisfied or concerned. Yet, that’s only half of the equation; not only do you need to confirm that deletion is indeed the…

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Deleting a User

In programming a new problem often presents new challenges new techniques that must be grasped new language features that must be absorbed Those are fun times, but they can also be frustrating Your pace slows to a crawl, and it’s often at least a few hours-and sometimes a few days-before it seems like you make real progress Then there…

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Listing All Your Users

First things first: before you can add delete buttons and profile pictures and worry about alignment. you need a list of all your users. This isn’t too hard; all you need is a simple SOL Query. You could do something like this: SELECT * FROM users; Of course, that’s a bit of a brute force approach. There’s…

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Listing Iterating and Administrating

For Quite a while now you’ve been focusing on some basic details a user the user’s information and as an extension of that information, the user’s profile picture. You’ve become familiar with PHP and MySQL, figured out not just one but two ways to deal with one of the most common PHP issues-image loading and you’ve managed to…

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