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What Is MySQL

MySQL is a database. It stores your information, your users’ information, and anything else you want to stuff into it. But, beyond its ability to store information, MySQL is popular. In fact, it’s the most popular open-source database system in the world. It has literally millions of users working with it, finding and reporting problems, and testing its limits.…

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Given that you’re reading this book, the chances are good that you’ve built a web page in HTML. You’ve styled it by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and maybe written a little JavaScript to validate your custom-built web forms. If that wasn’t enough, you’ve learned a lot more JavaScript, threw in some jQuery, and constructed a whole lot of…

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Installing PHP on Windows Without WAMP

you installed 7 either MAMP for Mac as x or WAMP for Windows. That collection of programs, all conveniently bundled together, gave you not just PHP but also MySQL plus an Apache web server and a few other goodies like phpMyAdmin and SQLiteManager. It’s easy to install and lets you control all your programs from a centralized manager. On…

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Regular Expressions

In the example in the last chapter example-a web form that lets users run SQL against a MySQL database-you did one of the most common things programmers do. You wrote code that solves a problem, but it’s ugly, messy, and a little hard to understand. Unfortunately, most programmers j ‘],e code in that state. That’s something you want to…

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PHP Syntax Weird and Wonderful

You’ve got a couple of PHP programs running, and have a handle on how PHP can interact with an HTML form. Still, although you’re a little more comfort-able with how PHP as a whole interacts with web servers and web browsers, what’s actually going on in those PHP scripts? It’s time to dig a good deal deeper and…

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With your first PHP script under your belt, you’ve made some real progress. But that PHP script might not have been what you expected. Most web developers don’t fall asleep at night dreaming of seeing this in a terminal Hello there. So I hear you’re learning to be a PHP programmer! Why don’t you type in your…

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