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Revisiting (and Redirecting) the Create User Script

The changes you made in the previous section are great, but there’s more to do. For example you have a new bio column, but no place to enter that information when users sign up. You need credte yserpro to deal with that information when it comes in from your signup form. And then there’s getting a user from…

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Show Me the User

You need a page that shows a user’s information in a way that makes sense to the user. This means that this page is going to pull information from the users table, but it’s not a form; there’s no need (at least. not yet) to do anything but display information. Most of the work here isn’t code; it’s…

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Saving a User’s Information

You’ve had a table before, and now you’ve got a version of the users table that’s a little sturdier, with AUTO_INCREMENT and validation of values in a few key fields. Plus, your web form grabs just the information you need to stuff into that table. All that’s left is tying these things together via PHP, and you actually…

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Generating Dynamic Web Pages

You’ve been building up quite a robust set of tools. You have PHP scripts to receive requests from your HTML forms. You have MySQL to store information from your users. You have regular expressions to massage information into just the formats you need, and some basic flow controls in PHP like if and for to let you build scripts…

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