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Adding Context-Specific Menus

Menus and navigation deserve a lot more than a brief mention in a chapter. There’s a ton of user interface design and usability to discuss; there are the considerations regarding; and there’s the ever-raging argument over horizontal versus vertical menus. Still, these are all non-PHP issues. For you, PHP programmer extraordinaire, the concern is building out links and options…

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An Option for Repeat Attempts

At this point. your sign-in page is functionally complete. However, there’s one more option that you can provide to your users: reloading their user name on login failure. Some sites do this, and some don’t. It’s a matter of opinion, but even if you choose not to implement this feature, you should know hew to implement it. If…

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Blank Pages and Expiring Cookie

At some point as you’re trying things out, you might get a strange response, You enter in signin.php in your URL bar, you press enter, and you end up with a blank page, like the one in Figure 13-5, You try it again. You try to reload. You try to clear your cache. Nothing! Finally, you restart your…

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Logging In with Cookies

You know what cookies are, and you know the flow of the sign-in form. Now, it’s time to write some code. Create signin.php and start with the basic outline: This script is far from complete and has several problems, but it’s still a lot of code. Let’s take it piece by piece. Determining Whether the User Is…

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Moving Beyond Basic Authentication

Right now, your authentication uses the browser’s built-in HTTP capabilities. Unfortunately, as useful as HTTP authentication is, it leaves you with a lame visual; check out Figure 13-1for the sad reminder. Keep in mind: other than signing up initially or seeing a generic home page, this HTTP login dialog box is the doorway to much of your application.…

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Cookies Sign- Ins and Ditching Crummy Pop-Ups

It’s time to start winding down. You’ve gone from seeing PHP as some strange, cryptic arrangement of angle brackets and dollar signs to building your own application, including integration with a MySQL database, authentication, redirection, and a decent set of utility functions. You might not be able to sell your modest application for a million dollars. But you should…

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